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On behalf of Dubai city offers – one of the most reputable travel website in the UAE – we would like to extend our heartiest welcome to everyone visiting our website. As the founders and directors of DCO, we retrospect with great satisfaction at the incredible accomplishments and astounding growth of our company. From its modest beginning in 2006, DCO has evolved into one of the country’s leading travel enterprises. Thanks to the enthusiasm, dedication, and hard work put in by each and every member of Dubai city offers family to position itself as a trend setter in travel services.

We feel very proud and privileged when you choose us to serve you for your varied travel requisites. Wherever you wish to go, we’ll implement every feasible measure to ensure that you travel with utmost convenience and safety. It gives us an amazing sense of gratification when our endearing network of employees and affiliates strive for excellence and work together to cater to the ever-evolving expectations of our valued customers in a way that replicates their personal interests. Concurrently, we’re obliged to our customers who lay confidence in our team and services.

We believe that travel is a transformational experience, that through travel we grow in knowledge and understanding of the world around us. Travel teach us unforgettable experiences that will be in our memories for ever, let us discover other cultures, practice and learn other languages, show us different  ways to express music, dance, arts.
We also believe that if we are privileged to travel and discover new destinations, we can certainly help those less fortunate in some of the third countries or underdeveloped countries around the world, so we support some organizations that work helping children to have a better future and education.
Our mission is create the best travel experience for our customers and it start since the moment that you contact us to the moment that you are back at home and we will do this by:
  • Matching hotels, activities, destinations with your most dreamt travel experience. We will dig deep in your past travel experiences, your likes, dislikes , your dreams, etc. so we can make sure that you will be in the best place at the right time.
  • Maintaining ourselves properly informed and trained in the always changing travel world.
  • Looking for the best value products  for our customers
  • Offering a world class customer service experience that is open for our customers 24/7
  • Going the extra mile to obtain customer satisfaction
  • We want to help to build a better world for less fortunate children and for that reason we support  organizations that work with them

1. Collection of Personal Information
We collect your information mainly when you contact us to inquire us about our products and services or make a booking with us. This usually includes your name , contact details,email id,physical address,credit card or payment details,travel requisites and referral source. Upon the submission of information, you give consent to 
Dubai City Offers to use your information to process orders in an accurate and prompt manner.

2. Use of Information
Any personal information of a client obtained through this website will be utilized by 
Dubai City Offers to process his or her booking, verify credit card details, and provide relevant information associated with client’s travel or any other subsidiary services he or she would like to avail of. This information will also be used for auditing, research and activities focused to improve the performance of our website.

3. Privacy of Your Information
All information provided by our customers during online booking, such as their name,address,email id and credit card details is considered private, and will not be disclosed or sold to anyone except for certain suppliers or third parties whose involvement in the loop is fundamental for the successful processing of your order. But before disclosing your information, we make sure that these third parties abide by our privacy policy and adhere to strict safety measures.

4. Legal Disclosure of Information
We may disclose your information, if we feel that such disclosure is pertinent to protect our company’s rights and / or abide by a court order or a legal proceeding.

5. Non-Personal Information
Rayna Tours consistently collects data from website, with the help of patterns via weblogs and third-party service providers. But this data is mostly deployed to evaluate the efficiency of our websites’ content and features.

6. Opt-Out
We provide options for visitors to our website to ‘opt-out’ of having their personal information used for certain purposes. For instance, if you don’t want to receive any marketing material by way of newsletter or promotional emails, you can choose to request us not to send advertising information from 
Dubai City Offers

7. Contests and Surveys
Dubai City Offers conducts contests, drawings and surveys every now and then. Some contents are organized in collaboration with a third party sponsor, and visitors to our websites will be informed at the time of the contest regarding the involvement of a particular third party and their extent of using your personal information. Since participating in these contests is voluntary, it’s solely at your discretion whether or not to partake in them and reveal your personal information.

8. Secured Transaction
In order to maintain accuracy of data and avoid unauthorized access of our client’s personal information, we make sure that all transactions are carried out through our secure server. Moreover, we utilize technical safeguard system such as encryption, socket layers, and firewalls to secure your sensitive information like credit card details.

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